PeachCap is an innovative financial services startup based in Atlanta that strives to disrupt the wealth management industry by using technology to provide an amalgamation of services including, but not limited to financial advisement, tax intelligence and emotional intelligence. They’ve created a business that allows the traditional family office model (usually reserved for those with $100m+ in assets) to be accessible to those with $1mm - $10mm in assets.


Position PeachCap as a disruptor in the financial services industry.

Peachcap already has technology and culture, but needs talent to fill out its ranks. Our task was to help them attract independent financial advisors with client’s worth between $1 - $10 million, in the Atlanta and New York areas respectively.

Their goal being to get independent advisors and independent advisory firms to reach out to PeachCap, or attend their roadshow for more information.

Budget : $30,000 Per Market

The intersection of Humanity And Trust




We wanted to then focus on the landscape for financial advisors and ask the question "What does the future look like for financial advisors and how can PeachCap's model + resources help with this shift?". Through in-depth quantitative and qualitative research we found that:

People don’t trust AI, they trust other people.

While algorithms and A.I. increasingly make the majority of investment decisions,  leading investors state that "The largest barrier to smart investing is emotional". We not only found that emotional intelligence is the future of financial advisement, but also that many advisors are becoming more aware of the growing necessity by clients to have advisors that are show high levels of emotional intellect and empathy throughout their family's financial journey. They understand that emotional intelligence is becoming the key to their success.  Thus, advisors are looking for tools and services to enhance their E.I. These are the advisors that will continue to succeed alongside the A.I. boom.

Data shows, people prefer to work with people! In fact, 84% of wealthy tech savvy individuals prefer to have their meetings with a financial advisor in person.

Money is an emotional subject, and advisors have to help their clients through all kinds of emotional decisions. Artificial Intelligence simply cannot take away the value in human connection



Our research lead us to take a deeper dive into what PeachCap truly has to offer, and more importantly what sets them apart.

PeachCap's current positioning on technology offerings:

  • Robo advisory

  • Gamification & Avatars

  • Emotional & Tax intelligence

Other Key Takeaways:

  • Democratizing the family office model beyond the uber rich

  • Prioritization of relationships

  • One-stop-shop

We found that it’s the intersection of this humanity and technology that makes PeachCap a true disruptor.





You Cannot Automate Humanity and Trust.




How can PeachCap show it prioritizes the advisors' personal touch while providing them a one-stop-shop they need to cultivate client relationships?